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Please consider contributing to the Nova PTSA in any way that you can. We welcome volunteers as well as financial contributions to help support the students and a program and staff of teachers that are asked to go above and beyond the already extreme expectations of today's teachers.

Nova is a refuge, a safe space for many who weren't safe in other schools. It's a place where everyone can flourish and creativity and expression are embraced in the learning environment.



Please consider a monetary donation to the PTSA.  We help fund things like enrichment classes such as Shakespeare or Fermentation; workshops given by community and parent members; Artists in Residence; as well as nutrition services and basic care and supplies for students who lack warm safe homes. 

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How to enroll

Nova is always looking to attract students and parents that are looking for a different approach to education. Nova is a Seattle Public Schools "Option" School--and is open to high school students across the city (freshmen and transfers).  All students who wish to enroll in Nova must attend an orientation at the school.  Please call the front office at (206-252-3500) to schedule a visit!

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