Nova is a hidden gem

Nova works to provide a high quality individualized education for every student that comes in our doors--but we are inadequately funded to do this without heroic efforts of our highly dedicated staff constantly hustling to make ends meet.

Every quirky, creative, unique, and/or gentle adult who comes into our building wishes that a school like Nova existed where they grew up.  Holding space for education that is meaningful, relevant and humane should be the norm but we find we are the exception.  To be honest, we fight to exist within a top down bureaucratic schooling system.

We are truly a grassroots democratic school.  For over 40 years we have been run collectively with students and staff.  Initiatives, improvements, and reforms have been driven by student voice with staff support.

Over 50% of our population identifies somewhere in the LGBTQ+ community and over 30% of our population has a supported disability. Many of these students came to Nova because they were unsafe in traditional schools and Nova has been a refuge to support their healing and growth. 

The Nova PTSA helps to fund:

  • Student activities like dances
  • Part or all of some teacher salaries for the more unusual or in-depth classes
  • Artists in Residence
  • A subsidized breakfast program
  • Parent/guardian programs to help them understand their kid and their experience
  • the Resource Bar that is open to all students with things they might need like notebooks, personal hygiene supplies, clothes, etc.

A donation to the PTSA is a direct donation to your kid's educational experience!  Financial support from our families and communities helps us keep this special program going and growing

The Nova PTSA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit

To donate:

Send a check to: Nova PTSA, The Nova Project, 210 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA  98122


Click on the Donate button to donate via Debit/Credit Card