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The Nova Project PTSA is the Parent, Teacher and Student Association of the Nova Project High School; Seattle, Washington.

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Nova’s PTSA chapter is a member of the Seattle Council PTSA and the Washington State PTA.  We are proud to be of service to the students and community of Nova High school, a school rich in history, traditions and spirit.  Nova is an ever evolving school, changing with the motivations and passions of each year’s student population.  We aim to provide a network of support as each student defines and carries out his/her education.   Every student can find a second home of friends, teachers, staff and families through Nova.  As a PTSA, we support Nova students and community with PTSA sponsored events and fundraising.

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The Nova Project PTSA serves as a support organization for Nova High School, a Seattle Public High School.  We provide needs not funded or available through the school district.  In addition to providing support for to the Nova learning community in the form of information and events, we actively fundraise to support  student designed and directed activities and learning opportunities.  These activities are supervised and facilitated by Nova teachers and staff.  The PTSA allocates funds to the school budget committee.  

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